How Scotland is Leading the Way in Gin Tourism

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When you think of Scotland, what alcohol immediately springs to mind? Whisky, of course! Although Scotland is well recognised for its whisky, we are now being spoiled with a variety of world-class gins from Scottish spirit manufacturers.

What is the Basic Difference between Whisky and Gin?

Whisky, often known as whiskey in other countries, is a distilled alcoholic beverage that is manufactured from fermented grain. Barley, corn, rye, and wheat are among the grains utilised for diverse variations. Whisky is typically matured in either ancient sherry or charred white oak casks made of hardwood.

Gin is also a distilled alcoholic beverage, but its main flavour comes from juniper berries. Gin was created by monks and alchemists across Europe who made it from grape and grain distillates. At one time, it was developed as an anti-inflammatory.

Gin as a Title

Gin can only be legally classified as such if the juniper berry is its primary attribute. By using 'botanicals,' craft distilleries chose to get inventive. To add fresh flavours and twists to the classic, ingredients like liquorice and orange are distilled and added.

Because different botanicals are used, a typical cocktail can be transformed into something unique. The cocktails you consume will be determined by the seasonality and the produce available. Flowers, berries, and various spices are all used to add “that something special” or exceptional.

What Lead to Gin’s Revival in Popularity?

Luckily, Gin has abandoned its image as a stale, old person's beverage. The craft beer and spirits movement, as well as its variety and affordability, have all contributed to the growth of gin's popularity worldwide. Scotland is leading the way in tourism by offering locals and tourists alike a great way to experience gin in all its forms and flavours. You can visit some of Scotland’s best gin manufacturers by taking The Scottish Gin Trail.

A few years ago, gin’s fortune changed when craft distilleries specializing in one-of-a-kind blends began to take over valuable space in the liquor outlets. Gin fans were ecstatic to discover something new, and even more so when they saw the variety of flavours available. What better place to discover the trendiest and most delectable flavours than Scotland? Isle of Harris Gin is created using delicate sea kelp collected at low tide from the shore.

Where in Scotland Can You Find Gin Trips?

Scotland offers a wide and varied array of distilleries that you can visit. Some are in the towns and cities, while others are further afield in the remote areas so you can plan day trips or even longer stays depending on your other interests. These gin distillery tours are proving very popular with newbie and connoisseur gin drinkers alike. Various festivals and celebrations allow the avid gin enthusiast to partake in gin from all over Scotland. The Scottish Juniper Festival is renowned for its variety and enjoyability.

Gin trips are a fun way to experience the beauty of Scotland while sipping on your favourite gin beverage. Fortunately for gin drinkers, gin’s overall price has decreased as new technologies have made it easier to get bottles to you faster. In essence, the faster gin is produced, the more readily available it becomes, which helps keep prices low. Cheers!


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