Why is it called Fever Tree?

colonsay gin & fever tree tonic water
Colonsay Gin & Fever Tonic

Drinks like cocktails have grown in popularity phenomenally in the past decade. Part of this boost in ratings is owing to the soft drink mixer Fever Tree brand. Fever Tree provides iconic and taste filled mixers. It has enjoyed a steady following and a loyal consumer base since its humble beginnings way back in the early 2000s. This article is an in depth look at the Fever Tree company, its origins, and how it has grown over the years since its initial creation.

Fever Tree Brand Name Origins

So, what is Fever Tree and where does the name come from? The answer is simple. The Fever Tree name comes from the South African tree, otherwise known as the fever tree. The fever tree is the source of quinine, one of the core ingredients of the brand’s tonic water recipe. Quinine comes from the yellow bark and interestingly, can also be used for a range of medicines. As the idea for the brand grew and the idea started to come to fruition, this tree really stuck in the mind of the founders. That is why they decided to use the ‘fever tree’ name as their representation to the world when the product was launched.

How Did It All Begin?

It began with a simple observation about a gap in the market. That gap was a good quality tonic water. There were limited options available and these options seemed to discard taste in favour of quantity. After this, an idea was born. The idea was to create a mixer that was full to the brim with quality and ethically sourced ingredients, and that is just what they did. Tim reached out to gin expert Charles and they decided to go on a journey of creation together. Their ideas took them all over the world where they looked extensively for the best quality ingredients, never skimping on authenticity and flavour. But it all started with extensive research in different places, including the library at the British Museum.

What Else Does Fever Tree Have To Offer?

2 glasses of fever tree passion fruit & lime tonic water
Fever Tree Passion Fruit & Lime Tonic Water

Aside from the original bare tonic water, what else does this iconic mixer bring to the table? Plenty. As well as the various tempting alternative tonic water flavours, there are also ginger beers and sodas to try, and these variations are not just limited to gin. You can try them with vodka, rum, and even whiskey.

Indian Tonic Water

Indian Tonic Water, which is available in premium and light, is a quintessential flavour option from Fever Tree. It is teeming with botanical ingredients and Mexican oranges, which all come together to give it that unique tasting.

Elderflower Tonic Water

This version is a simple coming together of the strong tasting elderflower and the standard tonic quinine. The two are equally footed in this recipe and create a balanced feel. Elderflower is also a popular gin flavouring.

Lemon Tonic Water

Lemons and quinine comprise the list for this branch of the Fever Tree. The lemons are Sicilian and they in turn are mixed with the unchangeable quinine. Expect a citrus punch from this mixer.

Rhubarb and Raspberry Tonic Water

Ingredients for this flavour are sourced in England and Scotland, specifically English rhubarb and Scottish raspberries. These two work together to create a sweet tonic that sits nicely with gin.

Mediterranean Tonic Water

The Mediterranean Tonic Water is made with essential oils that originate in the Mediterranean. These are blended with the staple quinine and come together to create another wonderful mix of flavours. This version uses less quinine and goes in a more herbal focussed direction, noticeably rosemary and lemon thyme.

Of course, this list is not exclusive. There are other flavours on offer including pure Citrus, Spanish Clementine and even limited edition flavours that offer something different.

Fever Tree is Ethical

Ethically sourced ingredients are just one piece of the Fever Tree puzzle. They also work with communities all over the world to source ethically friendly tonic components. They support safe working conditions and their brand thrives from the evidenced well sourced ingredients. It’s not just the brand that thrives though, the local farmers that they support thrive too.

Fever Tree Leads The Mixer Industry

Fever Tree tonics now has the edge over industry competitors. Flavoured tonic water Fever Tree has taken the world by storm. People are attracted to the versatile flavour range and the morality of the company. It’s not just Fever Tree tonic water that’s on offer, there are also soda waters, lemonade, and cola too. Something for everyone and something for every kind of spirit.

Fever Tree says if most of your drink is a mixer, mix it with the best, and they’re not wrong. Fever Tree tonic has proved to be one of the best options on the market for cocktail drinkers (and non-cocktail drinkers) all over the globe.


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