Colonsay Island Paradise II Gin Cocktail

island paradise II gin cocktail
Island Paradise II

Another great recipe from Ant @cocktails_for_breakfast an improved version of a cocktail we featured a few months ago. The base of Colonsay Island Paradise II Gin cocktail is our Colonsay Gin - Tonn Mor Navy Strength combined with a Pineapple Gin and for an extra kick and more citrus to back up the Arancione Aperitivo there's some Blue Curacao - helps with the colour too!

Some cinnamon stick and mint leaf 'palm trees' on a lemon beach as a garnish.

Method & Ingredients:

30ml Colonsay Gin - Tonn Mor

30ml Pineapple Gin

15ml Arancione Aperitivo

7.5ml Blue Curacao

7.5ml Passion Fruit Syrup

22.5ml Lime Juice

Shake all ingredients with lots of crushed ice until well chilled, then pour unstrained into a large Tiki glass. Add more crushed ice to fill, then garnish with an orange sun and a lemon, cinnamon stick and mint leaf 'island'


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