Colonsay Rum Runner Rum Cocktail

rum runner cocktail
Rum Runner Cocktail

This 1970s Tiki rum cocktail calls for 151-proof Bacardi, but it’s no longer in production. This gave us a chance to use the 151-proof version of Old J Spiced Rum which is excellent. It may be a spiced rum but it isn’t too sweet, it’s still packed with flavour but it’s not overpowering at all. So good. Just bear in mind that it’s 75.5% ABV, so don’t go overboard haha 😂 This recipe also calls for a Blackberry Brandy, but we’ve subbed in our own fantastic Colonsay Bramble Liqueur, which is gin-based and is absolutely loaded with fresh, sweet & tart blackberry deliciousness

As with a lot of the Tiki classics we post, this one is courtesy of the amazing research done by Jeff @official_beachbumberry and was featured in his first book “Grog Log”.

Method and ingredients below:

22ml 151-proof Old J Spiced Rum

25ml Colonsay Bramble Liqueur

25ml Banane de Bresil

18ml Grenadine

45ml Lime Juice

Fill blender half full with ice. Add all ingredients and blend until smooth. Pour into a large glass or Tiki mug. We’ve garnished with mint, lime and a sustainable glass straw

Thanks again to Ant @cocktails_for_breakfast for the recipe


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