Colonsay Vanilla Laika Vodka Cocktail

vanilla laika vodka cocktail
Vanilla Laika Vodka Cocktail

Our very own Colonsay vanilla laika vodka cocktail is based on the original created by Jake Burger in 2002 at Townhouse in Leeds. We’ve reduced the amount of simple syrup from the original and your preference on this (as ours was) will probably be dictated by how sweet your apple juice is. This is a lovely refreshing cocktail, perfect for a warm sunny day!

We've used a miniature of Absolut Vanilla but if you don’t have any vanilla vodka, then you could of course infuse any vodka with vanilla beans / pods, for a similarly delicious result. We've replaced the Creme de Mure with our Colonsay Bramble Liqueur. Method and ingredients below:

50ml Vanilla Vodka

22.5ml Colonsay Bramble Liqueur

7.5ml Lemon Juice

120ml Pressed Apple Juice

12.5ml Monin Simple Syrup**

**Original recipe is 22.5ml Simple Syrup

Shake all ingredients with ice until well chilled, then fine strain into a Collins glass filled with crushed ice. Garnish with apple & blackberry, and a nice glass straw.


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